The strongest defense against domestic violence is education and knowledge. Project 31:25 is committed to providing you with every resource possible through your journey to freedom. Literature, Counseling, Classes and Groups will all be available at every step. #1 is the understanding that the road out of any abusive relationship is a process. It took time to be committed to the relationship and it will take time to get out. On average it takes 7-10 times before successfully leaving an abusive relationship. No matter where you are in this cycle, we are here to give you the tools and resources to triumphantly take back your life. Abuse is a confusing and isolating experience. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It IS a cycle that only the abuser has control of. Educating yourself on this will free you from the chains that have held you in captivity for far too long. Knowledge is key and YOU are worth it.



Project 31:25 has counselors specifically trained in handling domestic violence. The road to recovery can be long and having someone who you can trust to walk side by side with you is essential. We are committed to providing you with the best care possible to guide you in a safe, non-judgmental environment. There are steps we carefully take to determine where you are at and what you will need. Steps including evaluation, discussion of plan, other treatments such as psychiatric, addiction, spiritual etc. You are not crazy, and every thought and emotion you are experiencing is completely normal due to your experiences. We will help you navigate all of this and gain back clarity.



Thinking about the legal side of domestic violence can seem daunting at times, even though usually it is needed. Protecting yourself and any children is absolutely key! This does not only include physical protection. Many women need financial protection also. Legal aid assistance for Order of Protections, Child Support, Spousal Support, Custody, Divorce and Immigration will all be available to you at an affordable cost. This unfortunately is one of the last things women focus on, but it is absolutely necessary to handle the legal side in the correct manner to avoid future downfalls. We will help you determine which of these services will be necessary for you.



Project 31:25 has resources available for children who witness violence between family members at home. Even when children are not directly injured by violence, exposure to violence in the home can contribute to behavioral, social, or emotional problems. Ensuring their safety and preserving as much normalcy is our goal. We understand that discussing this topic for any mother is difficult at the least. Embarrassment and guilt will often times lead a mother to not express her concern for her children. We want to take that stigma off you and help you understand the gift you will be giving your child by giving a voice to their experience and stopping the cycle. This will be handled in a safe and secure environment for you and your child/children.



Economic abuse is when abusers employ isolating tactics such as preventing his partner from working or accessing a bank, credit card or transportation.The lack of financial knowledge and resources is another reason why victims of domestic violence return to or remain in relationships with their abusers. We are here to provide you with targeted tools and strategies to address financial struggles and plan for safe, secure futures. This will also include employment help such as resume building and career planning. Gaining financial security will give you the confidence needed to have a safe future.



Project 31:25 is devoted to reassuring you that you are not alone in your situation. You may feel numb or disconnected from the rest of the world. Learning to cope with residual emotional pain and fears is essential to healing. Groups are designed to help you identify with others, decrease isolation, talk with others in different stages of progress and restore hope. Groups are centered around a safe and confidential environment for survivors to express their feelings, thoughts and fears. You will be able to gain back your confidence and create a long lasting support system for your future.

We will be starting a HOPE4U Group called "HUG". Contact us to learn more!



We understand that Domestic Violence has a rippling effect on friends and family. Project 31:25 has groups and educational classes for anyone who is supporting a victim of domestic violence. It is not an easy task to know how to navigate this difficult situation. Knowing what to expect and how to understand will not only be necessary for the survivor but also you. If you are a person now dating someone who is a survivor of domestic violence we have people to connect with that can answer questions and support you as you support your partner.



Project 31:25 welcomes help and support on any level. We have many opportunities to get involved. If you are a survivor, please share your story with us and let us put you in touch to help other women that desperately need your help and guidance.


Proud partners with the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The process of leaving an abusive relationship takes tremendous support and does not happen overnight.

At Project 31:25, we offer every service a client needs to be empowered to leave and equip them with the tools they need to make a life of their own, while healing through the emotional trauma. We believe this is most effective when we walk alongside our clients every step of the way.

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